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Benefits of usign online form for problem reporting:


♦ Quick and simple way to eliminate any insecurity and any error possibility

♦ It is a official request for repair services.

♦ Giving the type of security system gives us possibility to propperly prepare service and gives us possibility to do repairment in short term.

♦ That system gives us knowledge base and possibility to follow our services and direct measurement of our achievements.

Customer Support

We offer our customers quality technical support. For you, our loyal customers, we want to give best support in system of  tracking and quick eliminating of all possible problems.

Customer support in Operative Center is avalilable 24/7 on telephone number 032 442 040.

Team of proffessional and specialy trained people are on your service.

Also we give you possibility to contact us via online form and report your problem.





Report a problem with:


     - Alarm System

     - Video Surveilance System

     - Fire Surveilance System

     - Acces Control System


            *Only for users of A.E. Security services