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Car alarms


Cobra alarm systems are manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standard and in compliance with European directives. Cobra alarms are waterproof, resistant to temperature changes ranging from -40 C to +105 C and offer maximum protection available on the markets of today.

Many car manufacturers offer Cobra alarm systems in their vehicles as basic equipment. Statistic shows in Europe every 20 seconds one car is being stolen, and number of thefts shows no sign of decline, nearly 2700 vehicles are stolen every day and from that 50% are never found.

Your vehicle is valuable to you and it goes without saying that you want to protect it, and that’s why Cobra has developed the safest vehicle protection system.
For 25 years Cobra is one of the world leaders in vehicle protection with its high-tech and innovative products, with focus on research and development.

The partnership with leading European and Asian vehicle manufacturers allows Cobra to develop safest protection system for a large number of different vehicle models.

Cobra car alarms offer complete protection for you vehicle, having systems that are compatible for vehicles with or without remote control.

Wondering what complete protection means?

Protection of doors, hood and trunk, interior of the vehicle by means of ultrasonic sensors, vehicle startup prevention or engine blockade, high security remote control with highly variable anti-scanner, independent power supply in case of cutting the cables, Anti Hi Jack and Pin code for disabling alarm in case of remote control loss. Pin code is changeable and known only by car owner.

It is important to note that vehicle must be properly labeled, because that is first obstacle that deters most burglars and steers them toward unprotected vehicles.
Vehicle should always be parked in the range of audible siren so you could quickly react in case of attempted theft. Alarm installation must be properly done by trained professionals.