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GPS – satellite tracking

SkyTrack is a complex system covering number of company segments and is implemented everywhere, from vehicles to the company management. Every part of SkyTrack is modular and configurable and is fully adaptable to fulfill specific user needs; can be connected with existing systems in vehicle and companies IT solutions.
System consists of:

SkyTrack Mobile – its primary function is to gather data about vehicle. Beside vehicle position, speed and direction, wide range of data can be gathered such as driver identification, temperature, consumption, door status, switches etc.

SkyTrack Center – stores and processes data from mobile devices and sends them to client output applications. Center can monitor several thousand vehicles and any desired number of client computers can be connected to it. SkyTrack Data communicators can be connected to the Central to allow direct communication with the vehicles and/or to gather GPRS data. More Centrals can be connected to one unified system.

SkyTrack set of applications provides a complete insight into location and status of the fleet therefore enables you to coordinate with it and provides detailed statistics and analysis of work via numerous reports. This system allows for timely intervention and eases decision-making process.

SkyTrack Remote enables remote vehicle access using PDA computers and provides insight into the current vehicle position and status as well as message transmission.