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Video surveliance system

With the whole world witnessing increasing rate of crime, safety becomes of great importance to everyone.
Video surveillance systems are built with primary goal of deterring intruders and reducing the chance of burglary in the first place, while the detection can help reconstruct events that took place and help catch the suspect.

Initially video surveillance systems covered mostly public areas such as airports and banks, but nowadays are more and more needed in private homes offering security for your family. Safety and security industry is being more and more important and so various branches of security equipment are being developed to keep pace with the evolving digital era.

Currently Samsung’s security products cover 30% of the world market and are trusted by clients who recognized quality. Samsung continues to evolve by listening carefuly to its clients providing them with whats most important – safety.

The advantages of digital video survaillance over analog are:

  • •    Image quality
  • •    Infrastructure
  • •    Ease of installation
  • •    Ease of access
  • •    Price

Main features of networked digital video survailance:

  • •    Simultaneous monitoring, recording and and vieweing of footage
  • •    Quick access to any camera regardless of user location, distance, and if anyone elses is using the
  • •    same camera
  • •    Control room is everywhere and always
  • •    Access to specific information is password regulated
  • •    Easy and inexpensive system upgrade
  • •    Excelent quality of footage
  • •    Simple viewing from remote locations (data security)
  • •    Every screen is numbered with location, date and time
  • •    Ability to quickly print out images
  • •    Advanced control algorithms (pre-alarm recording, masking of certain areas, automatic
  • •    recording)