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Anti-burglary alarm system – Paradox

We are authorized to perform technical security and registered for design, building and monitoring of security systems. Those tasks are performed by our employees – electrical engineers who have passed the state license exam before Ministry of Interior, and are authorized to provide technical protection.

Technical and physical security systems design consists of:

  • •    Vulnerability assessment at the premises
  • •    Safety studies, per request
  • •    Design of technical security system
  • •    Safety equipment installation
  • •    Employee training for use of technical equipment
  • •    Monitoring of installed equipment
  • •    Equipment maintenance
  • •    Consulting

We can offer installation, maintenance and servicing of the following electronic security systems:

  • •    Anti-burglary system
  • •    Anti-raid system
  • •    Fire detector system
  • •    Video surveillance system
  • •    Access control system
  • •    Time attendance system
  • •    Vehicle security system
  • •    Vehicle satellite tracking system

We can offer you connection of electronic security systems (existing or new) via telephone line GSM/GPRS and TCP/IP communication and connection to our Alarm operations center which is able to provide 00-24h monitoring of all activity such as:

  • •    Enabling/disabling of the system by all users
  • •    All kinds of alarm reports
  • •    Attempts to sabotage the system
  • •    Disappearance and return of network or backup power
  • •    Functionality monitoring of embedded security systems
  • •    User notification on all alarm events
  • •    Timely intervention of armed patrol upon received alarm call

When choosing anti-burglary system we have opted for the best – PARADOX SECURITY SYSTEMS.

ParadoxSecuritySystems is aworld-known Canadian manufacturerof equipment fortechnical protection focused on continuous research and development. Their wide ranges of products are offered in more than 50 countries around the world. Since the establishment of company in 1983. Paradox is striving to be the leader in the field of technical protection. From motion detectors to wireless security systems, everything Paradox produces meets the aesthetical, economic and technological criteria.


Magellan is the first security system in the world that combines security with the necessary safety features and stylish design. Magellan is easy to differentiate from anything else in the industry.  You can install it anywhere in your home or small company, Magellan blends perfectly with any décor.  You canlistento music, leave a messageoruse the systemas atelephone,an alarm clockormonitoringdevice. With Magellanyou havesecurityand muchmore!


Esprit+ coversa widerange ofpanelswith 4,6 or12 zoneson main boardand supports up to2 zoneson the keyboard. All panels offer ATZ zone doubling which enables you to connect two detectors on one port. Eachdetectoroccupiesitszone andsendsinformationabout its status. Dependingon thepanel, the system can containup to 24programmablezones thatcanbeassociated withone orbothpartitionsor may not beassignedto anypartitionto forma commonarea. Espritseriesoffersyoureliability combinedwith affordable prices and functionsthat meet theneeds of mostusers.

Spectra offers a combination of innovative features and an advanced communication bus for a unique expandable security system. Through its communication bus, Spectra can be expanded via wireless and hardwired expansion modules and a variety of accessory modules. With its reliable communication technology, flexible expansion and great-looking keypads, Spectra is an ideal security system for any residential or commercial installations that require up to 16 zones of protection.

Digiplex systems provide the highest level of protection for banks, high-security military and government sites, luxurious residential homes and any place where maximum security is essential. These systems are designed to be easy to use and the modular concept of these systems provides installers with labour-saving features that make expanding, installing and servicing these systems quick and convenient. Expand your system by adding plug-and-play expansion modules anywhere and in any combination on the 4-wire combus. Modules are connected to the combus at the most convenient location and then their zone inputs are assigned to the desired zone and partition. Also, only a module’s used inputs are assigned to zones in the system. Keyswitches, remote controls and unused module inputs do not use up zones. Once installed, all combus modules, including motion detectors, can be programmed remotely via a keypad or the WinLoad Installer Upload/Download software.Digiplexsystems are thelogicalsolutionfor providing protection, access controlandautomationin mostinstallations.



The company has released an iPhone application MG and SP series of panels – iParadox. Liteversionallows you to combineand reviewpanels, and itis freewhilethefullversion gives you ability to enable / disablethe alarm andcontrolthe PGM's. iParadox is compatible with the Paradox MG5000, MG5050, SP4000, SP5500, SP6000, SP65, and SP7000 systems. Wi-Fi and 3G communicatio requires IP100 internet module version 5.03 or greater.
iParadox features: Regular arm, Sleep arm, Stay arm - Disarm - Displays alarm memory - Displays system troubles - PGM activation/deactivation* - Connects with static or dynamic IP (ParadoxMyHome)

* Shows the last PGM action performed from iParadox, not the current PGM state.

Posible application of iParadox:

  • •    Forgot to turn on alarm – now you can arm it by phone
  • •    Check the current state of the system
  • •    Check the system for errors
  • •    PGM control, turn on/off lights, garage door control, water sprinkler on/off

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