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About us

To protect yourselves and your property or entrust us with your safety we feel you should be familiar with the Agency, our techniques, and the way we operate here at A.E. Security.

A.E. Security d.o.o. is Agency for protection of people and property and we offer services of technical, physical and integrated protection. Functioning of Agency is regulated by “Act on agencies and internal departments” (Official newspaper of FBiH, 78/08), and also by series of laws with one goal in mind – improving safety.

The Agency has established and is applying quality management systems according to international standards EN ISO 9001:2008.

Experience gained over the years, high quality services, reliability, competence, professionalism, dedication to our work, following of world trends in the field of protection and investing in education and training of our personnel are the main reasons why you should entrust us with your safety.

A.E. Security uses products of renowned manufacturers who are industry leaders in quality and technological advancement.
Through constant progress and development these companies ensure a peaceful and carefree life, and allow for A.E. Security to provide its clients what is most important – safety.

Our goal and strategy for the future is quality!

Services A.E. Security offers are:

Technical protection:

  • •    Design of security systems
  • •    Anti-burglary systems
  • •    Video surveillance systems
  • •    Fire detectors
  • •    Access control and time attendance systems
  • •    GPS – satellite tracking
  • •    Vehicle security systems
  • •    Intercoms and components
  • •    Alarm operations center
  • •    Service and maintenance

Physical protection

  • •    Physical protection
  • •    Escort and transport of money and valuables
Integrated protection
  • •    Alarm operations center 
  • •    Intervention on alarm activation

Here at A.E. Security we have established Alarm operations center, which continuously monitors and ensures proper functioning of embed systems and electronic security, and provides interaction with our clients and in the case of breach – immediate intervention, and connection with Ministry of Interior, Fire department and other by law required agencies.

Our headquarters are located in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina – city of Zenica, (address: Branilaca Bosne 16A) and our area of operation extends to the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Agency activity is governed by “Act on agencies for people and property protection”, published in official newspaper of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina no. 78/2008, and includes all activities related to protection of people and property as well as physical and technical protection.