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Design of security systems

Prior to installation and implementation of any security system, it is essential to make the vulnerability assessment and/or safety study. The basic purpose of the alarm and/or video surveillance system is to protect property, and that is ensured by proper vulnerability assessment at the facility and by analyzing all possible threats to facilities and valuables.

High reliability of technical systems is guaranteed through use of top quality equipment, proper placement of cameras and alarm system elements as well as quality installation.

  • • Design – safety consultants are brought in to inspect the facilities you wish to secure. Preliminary
  • safety analysis is made and upon complete inspection and sketching of facilities they will advise
  • you on optimal protection system.
  • • Installation –our technical department will immediately install technical protection system on your
  • premises. After that we provide You with user training and familiarization with capabilities of the
  • system
  • • During the installation process, most important item is the connection between electronic security
  • system and our Alarm operations center. 

Based on the needs of our clients, we have designed several hundred safety studies and vulnerability assessments of implemented and applied systems. Great importance is given to ensuring quality, functionality and high level of protection, because we are aware that is the only way to justify our clients trust.