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Alarm operations center

A.E. Security offers to protect your property by supervising functionality and accuracy of the alarm system, timely arming and disarming, possible intrusion in protected zones, and if needed organizes patrols and coordinates with police and fire department.
Every facility connected to Alarm operations center has complete control over everything happening inside technical system. This minimizes the possibility of damage which is in best interest of our clients.
Alarm operations center can send out reports about alarm system on client demand (print of all alarm related info). Client can demand daily, monthly and yearly email reports or printed version. Type of report and its frequency are decided in Monitoring contract.
In the event of multi user alarm system we are able to provide you detailed info on which user armed or disarmed the alarm system, which enables you to have access control during working hours.
No additional equipment is needed in case you would like to connect your alarm system on our Alarm operations center (if it’s fitted by A.E. Security, or if you have any other alarm products of ours).

By use of Alarm operations center you are ensuring:
  • • Status and condition monitoring of technical protection systems
  • • Monitoring of technical equipment wear
  • • Gathering of all information provided by alarm centrals (very important for clients with several
  • remote facilities – allows them to have complete picture of security status)
  • • Information archiving
  • • Coordination and control of regional contractors( user control of their obligations )
  • • User notification and coordination with authorities about state of technical system and all other
  • relevant factors and problems
  • • 0-24h online support